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Welcome to Exiled-Mal'Ganis
    Exiled is a newly formed guild located on the horde side of Mal'Ganis.  We at Exiled are looking to become a top raiding guild, but in the meantime, be the best leveling guild we can be.  Our co-GMs at Exiled, Anghellicone and Lichslap, bring different skill sets to the table.  Anghellicone is an organization mastermind.  Lichslap is a genius when it comes to dungeons/raiding.

Anghellicone's Bio:
    In 2004 Anghellicone was first introduced to WoW.  But it was not until 5 years later, that he started seriously playing the game.  Since December of 2009, Anghellicone has proven his abilities to lead time and time again.  First, he was the co-Gm of a moderately successful leveling guild. After leaving that server to join his IRL friend and old WoW player, Anghellicone climbed the ranks of a top leveling guild, eventually becoming one of the most respected members of the guild.  He then moved on to something that he had never experienced and that was PvP.  Anghellicone created a dominant PvP guild off a server that was widely considered to be one of the worst Horde servers in the game.  After passing on the PvP guild to a great PvPer, Anghellicone moved to Mal'Ganis.  It is here that he and Lichslap decided to start their very own Raiding guild. 

Lichslaps bio:
In 2008 Lichslap was introduced to WoW. After a moderately quick leveling to 55 as a warlock, he decided to venture into playing a death knight. At 80 he grasped PvE content easily by joining a guild, becoming one of there top raiders and earning Kingslayer. Soon later with a guild breakup him and his friend made a guild that was leveling/raiding. This all happened on a different server. In Cataclysm he decided to tank. After he built an average tanking set he knew that PvE was the way to go for Cata. It is here that he and Anghellicone decided to start their very own Raiding guild.   
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Anghellicone-Exiled, Jan 30, 11 2:37 AM.
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